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Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Through a Memorandum of Understanding the Steele County Soil and Water Conservation District work in conjunction with the Natural Resource Conservation Service to conserve the natural resources of Steele County.

Programs administered by NRCS include:
  • EQIP (Environmental Quality Incentives Program)
  • WRP (Wetland Reserve Program)
  • CSP (Conservation Stewardship Program)
  • and others...
Noel Frank-District Conservationist
James Smith-Soil Conservation Technician

Before: FWP Restored Wetland

After: FWP Restored Wetland
Restored wetland provides food, cover, and water for wildlife. Cropland areas that drown out year after year may be eligible for enrollment. Any questions regarding the Farmed Wetland Program, please call the Conservation Office at 507-451-6730 Ext. 3.

Before: Grassed Waterway - Federal Cost-Share & CRP

After: Grassed Waterway - Federal Cost-Share & CRP

Grassed Waterway
2.8 AC., Federal Cost-Share & CRP, Drainage Area = 170 AC., Design: 10 yr. storm 4.3' rainfall, Capacity = 28 CFS, Avg. Grade = 1.0%, Avg. Depth = 1.5 ft.

Benefits - Reduced gully erosion.
Safely transport storm water in a non-erosive manner to a safe outlet.


Before: Construction on Water & Sediment Basin

After: Construction on Water & Sediment Basin
Basin Project
This farmer constructed 13 water and sediment basins on his farm in Section 14 Summit Twp. Earthwork, channel tile and intakes were cost shared items under the EQIP Program. Water and sediment basins are designed to reduce gully erosion, trap sediment and improve the farmability of sloping lands. Stop in or contact our office at 507‐451‐6730 Ext.3 for more details about the EQIP Program. (Pictured 1 of the 13 basins built.)

Environments Quality Improvement Program (EQIP)

High Tunnel Green House
This high tunnel was established with a grant from the USDA’s new focus on advancing organic agriculture.

The benefits are:
  • season extension – longer growing season
  • frost protection
  • protection from wind and hail
  • control of irrigation
  • reduced weeds
  • minimize pests
  • earlier production
  • higher yield
  • higher quality produce

Animal Waste Storage (EQIP)

Before: EQIP / State Cost-Share

After: EQIP / State Cost-Share
Fabric Reinforced Vegetated Chutes stabilize the steep grade and control erosion in natural or artificial channels. They, also, prevent the formation or advance of gullies, and enhance environmental quality and reduce pollution. This conservation practice was funded by partnering the federal EQIP Program and the State Cost-Share Program.