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4-H Conservation Trophy

2012 Winner - Bria Stenzel - Parents are Bill & Lori Stenzel

Exploring the Environment Article
by Bria Stenzel

I chose to do an exploring the environment project this year because I am very passionate about the environment. I am currently going to the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and my intended major is Fisheries and Wildlife, with the Conservation Biology track.

After I watched a documentary called, “Tapped,” I became very interested in plastic water bottles and their usage. My project this year was on just that: “The Negative Effects of Plastic Water Bottles. “ I specifically wanted to inform the public about the concerns and negative effects of this product that most consumers assume is an overall healthy and advantageous product.  Advertisements often imply that tap water is “impure,” which isn’t always the case. Although bottled water seems quick and easy, most of the time the water is not tested well, the plastic from the bottle, which is a petroleum product, leaks chemicals into the water, especially the longer the water sits in the bottle, and the water in bottles is most likely taken from public drinking sources. The point of this project was to communicate to the public that water is very important. We need to take it as a privilege, not a right, be sure to recycle and try to limit the use of bottled water.

Thank You to the Steele Co. SWCD for sponsoring the Senior Conservation Trophy at the 2012 Steele Co. Fair.