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Owatonna, MN 55060

Ph: (507) 451-6730 - Ext.3

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Fair Booth

The Steele Co. SWCD has had a display at the fair in the Izaak Walton Fish & Wildlife Building for as long as anyone can remember. Staff or Supervisors are scheduled to be there each evening of the fair.

Stop by and register for free trees. A drawing will be held every day and listed at the booth. The winners will receive information on when to pick up their free tree or trees in the spring. Along with this information, they will receive information on the next year’s District’s Tree Program.

There will be free information on our conservation programs. If there are questions that can’t be found at the booth, please call or stop by the Conservation Office.

Fair booth at the Steele County Fair located in the Izaak Walton Fish Building.


2012 Steele County SWCD Fair Tree Winners
Pick-up next Spring (2013) – 1 potted evergreen

  • Newell Sommers, New Richland
  • Nyla Rysavy, Claremont
  • Dot Jacobson, Owatonna
  • Lori Kos, Claremont
  • Elwood Hansen, Owatonna
  • Monica Kelly, Waterville
  • Duane Klecker, Owatonna
  • Oliver Hansen, Owatonna
  • Ronda Fisher, Owatonna
  • Richard Hansen, Owatonna
  • Jerry Perron, Owatonna
  • Larry D. Kuchenbecker, Owatonna