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Program Acronyms

Acronyms used in water resource management
Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources – 11/01

ACP Agricultural Conservation Program (federal)
CLWP Comprehensive Local Water Planning (state)
CRP Conservation Reserve Program (federal)
CREP Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (federal and state)
EQIP Environmental Quality Incentive Program (federal)
FDR Flood Damage Reduction (federal)
LAP Lake Assessment Program (state)
MFIP Minnesota Forestry Improvement Program (state)
NEMO Nonpoint Source Education for Municipal Officials (local with national network)
RIM Reinvest in Minnesota Program (state)
SLR Streambank, Lakeshore, and Roadside Program (state)
VSMP Volunteer Stream Monitoring Partnership (metro)
WCA Wetland Conservation Act (state)

Other Acronyms

State, Regional, and Local Government
BWSR Board of Water and Soil Resources (state)
CAC Citizen Advisory Committee
CHS Community Health Service (regional)
DNR Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (state)
DOER Minnesota Department of Employee Relations (state)
JPA Joint Powers Agreement (local)
LCMR Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources (state)
LGU Local Governmental Unit (local)
MDA Minnesota Department of Agriculture (state)
MDH Minnesota Department of Health (state)
MDNR or DNR Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (state)
MDOT Minnesota Department of Transportation (state)
MetC Metropolitan Council (regional)
MES Minnesota Extension Service (state – old term no longer in use)
MGS Minnesota Geological Survey (state)
MPCA or PCA Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (state)
OEA Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance (state)
OWM Minnesota Office of Waste Management (state)
RC&D Resource Conservation & Development, USDA (federal)
RDC Regional Development Commission (regional)
SWCD Soil and Water Conservation District (local)
TAC Technical Advisory Committee
UM Ext University of Minnesota Extension Service (state)
WD Watershed District (local)
WMO Watershed Management Organization (local)
Federal Agencies
ACE or ACOE Army Corp of Engineers (federal)
ASCS Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, USDA (federal)
(no longer in use, replaced by Farm Services Administration - FSA)
COE Army Corp of Engineers (federal)
EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (federal)
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency (federal)
FSA Farm Services Administration, USDA (federal)
HUD Housing and Urban Development Department (federal)
NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA (federal)
SCS Soil Conservation Service, USDA (federal) (no longer in use, replaced by Natural Resources Conservation Service - NRCS)
USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture
USF&WS U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (federal)
USGS U.S. Geological Survey (federal)
ADA Association of (Watershed) District Administrators (state)
AMC Association of Minnesota Counties (state)
AMT Association of Minnesota Townships (state)
LMC League of Minnesota Cities (state)
MACDE Minnesota Association of Conservation District Employees (state)
MACPZA Minnesota Association of County Planning and Zoning Administrators (state)
MASWCD Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (state)
MAWD Minnesota Association of Watershed Districts (state)
MLA Minnesota Lakes Association (state)
NACD National Association of Conservation Districts (national)
RCM Rivers Council of Minnesota (state)
SWCS Soil and Water Conservation Society (national with state chapters)
BOD Biological Oxygen Demand
GIS Geographic Information System
GPS Geographic Positioning System
NPS Nonpoint Source Pollution
TDML Total Daily Maximum Load (federal and state)