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CO-OP Weed Management

Cooperative Weed Management Areas are partnerships of federal, state and local government agencies along with tribes, individual landowners and various other interested groups that manage noxious weeds or invasive plants in a defined area.

Benefits of the Program
  • Development of strong partnerships based on cooperation among agencies, landowners and other interested partners to control invasive species.
  • The creation of long-term and sustainable Cooperative Weed Management Areas.
  • The removal of invasive plant species and the restoration/reconstruction of native communities.
  • Funding to supplement other invasive species control efforts.

The Cooperative Weed Management Area grant program focuses on the development of restoration of natural and conservation lands through invasive species removal and replanting with local species.

More Information:

Control of invasive species and noxious weeds on existing conservation lands is imparative. Some of the many reasons are: habitat value, CRP re-enrollment eligilbilty and a parsnip hazard. Some of the invasive species include: European 2 Buckthorn, Common Parsnip, Black and Sandbar Willow, Box Elder, and Eastern Cottonwood. Please call the office at 507‐451‐6730 Ext. 3 for more information.