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Tree Program


The Steele SWCD has a tree program in which trees and shrubs are ordered to sell to landowners for conservation. The trees are ordered ahead of time and then a tree list is written up and available in December. Orders are taken on a first come first serve basis until the trees arrive in April.



2018 Tree Program
We are now taking orders for the 2018 tree program. We are more than happy to help you plan for 2018 though with a new windbreak or improving or maintining a current one. Contact our office with any questions!


In addition to the trees we also have Native Pollinator Packs available. Each pack includes 12 species, 48 plants. Some of the species included in the pack are Aster, Bergmont, Blazing Star, Butterfly Weed, Mountain Mint, and Purple Cone Flower. See the Native Pollinator flyer for descriptions and a full list of plants included in the pack.

Order Form   Tree Desc  

Order Form
The 2018 Tree Order is now available. Print out the 2018 list and fill out your order completely. Mail it or bring it to our office at the address listed on the order form. Please order by Feb. 28th to make sure that we have the stock available. We can not guarantee that we can get more after that date. We usually have several varieties available after Feb. 28th, but they might not be the variety that you want. So order early!

Gift Certificates available at the office.

Tree Table & Tree Description
The tree description and tree table description is also available for information on selecting the right tree. If you need help deciding which trees are suitable for your soil, please give us a call at 507-451-6730 Ext. 3 and we can help you decide.

Steele County SWCD
Tree Planter for Rent

507-451-6730 - Ext. 3



With recent increases in energy costs and decreases in property vales, trees can do double duty to help your bottom line. Most people realize that a property with appealing landscaping such as a windbreak, shade trees, or a wildlife planting will not only give more enjoyment to the occupant, it will increase the value of the property almost immediately after planting. One study has found that the net benefit (after expenses) per tree is $3 to $76/year. On average, over 40 years, this would equal $1,600 and could be as high as $3,000! This number is only figuring a 40 year lifespan. Most trees will live much longer than that.

Another benefit of planting trees is energy conservation and personal comfort. A proper planting on the north and west can stop the bitter winds from robbing your house of heat and greatly increase the comfort level of you and your livestock. Just think of how many times this winter it has been fairly comfortable standing in a sheltered spot but how quickly you became cold when stepping into the open! It has been proven that a properly placed windbreak can save 10%-30% on heating costs.

Another benefit of a windbreak is snow control. Studies have shown that 40% of the snow that falls is moved to another location by wind. With a properly placed planting, you can greatly reduce the energy and effort put into snow removal. This can happen quickly. Shrubs will start stopping snow in their third year and only get better after that. Trees will also help your energy costs in the summer. If shade trees are planted on the south and west of the house, the air conditioning bill can be reduced 15%.

In addition to these points, trees around the yard will allow you to enjoy it more.  Whether it is a calm sunny yard in winter or a shady spot in the summer heat, you will enjoy being outside much more and the weather extremes won’t seem so bad. Not to mention the increase in wildlife around the yard in all seasons.

There is still some cost share available for windbreaks and living snow fences.  We also offer advice, site visits, and planting plan creation. Contact the office with any needs.

Living Snow Fence

Field Wind Break

Example of Potted Stock
Windbreak Benefits: Traps snow and reduces the need for snow plowing, reduces home heating costs, improves wildlife habitat, and adds property value.

Tree Information

The Right Tree

North Dakota State University

MN DOT Plant Selector

Do I Have Emerald Ash Borer? This seems to be the question of the year. Find your answer to this question at: Do I Have Emerald Ash Borer?

Gift Certificates are also available for gifts for the person that has everything!

2017 Steele County SWCD Fair Tree Winners
Pick-up next Spring (2018) – 1 potted evergreen

Penny Miller

Owatonna, MN

Jason Ryks

Owatonna, MN

Paul Maas

Medford, MN

Sami Schwanke

Owatonna, MN

Bucky Rysavy

Claremont, MN

Marilyn Meixner

Owatonna, MN

Tim Johnson

Medford, MN

Jerry Schultz

New Richland, MN

Sarah Theobald

Owatonna, MN

Kylee Sublinskey

Owatonna, MN

Roseann Heil

Claremont, MN

Bret Hansen

Owatonna, MN